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This article discusses a known Discovery & Inventory rule issue, where the rule shows an incorrect day selection when scheduling weekly frequency


When setting the frequency to Weekly in the Rule Builder, Sunday is checked by default. You uncheck Sunday, select another day instead and then save the rule.
The next time you look at that rule, the day you want is checked but so is Sunday, despite saving the rule.


The beaconpolicy.xml contains the correct selection so the back-end policy functionality does update and work correctly, but the Web User Interface does not reflect this.

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create or edit a Discovery & Inventory rule
2. On the "schedule" step select weekly.
3. Uncheck Sunday, check another day and then save.
4. Edit the same rule and go to the "schedule" step. Notice that now the new day you checked and Sunday are selected.


Despite the Web User Interface showing that Sunday is checked, as long as you've edited the rule and saved it, the schedule will actually run on the day you've selected and not Sunday. This is a known issue and will be corrected at some point in a future release.
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