Changes Are Not Saved When Re-ordering Columns or Applying Filters to Edit a Custom Report

Changes Are Not Saved When Re-ordering Columns or Applying Filters to Edit a Custom Report


When re-ordering columns or applying filters to edit a custom report, these changes are not saved.


When re-ordering columns or applying filters to edit a custom report these changes are not saved and do not appear in the next run of the report.



This behaviour is caused by an known issue and has been assigned the reference number "FNMS-27236".




Steps To Reproduce

The steps below will result in the issue and can be used to determine if the behaviour witnessed is caused by the issue.


1. Reports menu > Reports Index.

2. Select any custom (non Out Of the Box) report, open the report.

3. Run report the report.

4. Add filter or move column within the report.

5. Click 'Save as' button and name the report.

6, Click Save.

7. Run report again.


Expected Result: same as listed in step 4.


Actual Result: same as listed in step 3, the changes made to grid were lost.



The issue assigned to this behaviour is currently scheduled for review, once resolved the issue number will be listed in the product release notes.

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this is indeed very annoying. Only when you completely rebuild the report including the columns you would like to have added in the first place then it works.

I have gotten another number attached to the same issue, FNMS-31780. So a question, when I will be looking into release notes to see if this is solved will both numbers show up?


this issue still exist in the latest FNMS 2019 R1 release.

@dbarrDo you have any updates on this case?

This one is ongoing for years now. When can we finally expect a fix? Right now one can't really rely on the reporting as it seems the same custom report happens to reorder and also hide and show different columns almost randomly for different team members. Furthermore even if columns are manually adjusted to ones needs after exporting to CSV/XLSX they are often reordered.

Same frustration here

Does anyone know if this bug is also present in the Cloud version?


Yes, indeed!

We are using the cloud version and experience the same behavior.

Nevertheless, I have found a workaround that works perfectly (at least for me):

Use Microsoft EDGE!

That's it! The reports can be edited and the applied filters are saved.

PROBLEM SOLVED (at least for me)

Try it and please provide feedback.


@dbarr @Codebuster @MrPotato @KMaria @rene_lansink 

seems to be fixed in 2019 R2 On-Prem

IOJ-1807662 Report "Save as" loses advanced filter setting

@dennis_reinhardt Description is very ambiguous. I don't think this one targets the specific bug about problems with shifting columns WHILE creating report in the first place. I think it only refers to the fact that once you have a report in place, with a set of criteria, and you want to save a copy of it, then those advanced filters are lost. Isn't 2019R2 released in Cloud already? @Codebuster above mentioned the very bug we're discussing here is still present in his cloud environment.


As I said: With Microsoft Edge as the browser of choice, the bug is gone with the FNMS Cloud version. Everything works fine when you re-open an existing report.

You can change and save everything like re-arranging columns applying or changing advanced filters or even change the whole report from the scratch.


@Codebuster Just tested it with Edge and FNMS on-prem. The bug IS NOT gone.

It looks like that another year has passed, but this issue hasn't been resolved. Just spent 3 hours trying to make a report with a desired column order, but with no success. Columns arranged in Report view stay as intended, but that only applies to me.

Anything I do in "Preview and Filter" phase does not stick though - column order seems to be randomized after each save, some columns get moved to column chooser and some are moved back even though they were hidden intentionally. Which means that sharing reports with the team and keeping the same view for everyone is impossible, unless everyone rearrange columns for themselves.

Would be great to hear about the progress of this bug's resolution and planned fix dates.

@Povilas - I've checked the status of this issue and can see that it is still open but not currently scheduled to be addressed.

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