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There is an issue with the AWS adapter after upgrading to 2019 R2. Existing AWS connections which were created prior to upgrading to 2019 R2 will not run successfully after the upgrade.
This is caused due to the introduction of a new optional parameter on the connection page 'External ID' which is used when setting up a new IAM Role based connection.

Replication Scenario

The following line will be found in the log file:
2019-12-17 08:00:59,757 [ERROR]       Failed to find required session variable 'externalId' for method 'Get-AWSHosts'. Check it is specified in the reader configuration file.


  1. Open the FlexNet Inventory Beacon UI
  2. Select the AWS connection on the Inventory connections page and click 'Edit'
  3. Make no changes, and click on 'Save'
  4. Repeat for each AWS connection on any beacons with AWS connections in place

Version Fix Target

This is expected to be resolved in the FNMS 2019 R2.2 release


The bug is being tracked with reference IOJ-2088702.
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