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problem between business adapter and reconciliation

Hi everyone,

I import the file into business adapter, everything is going well, on Flexnet also the data is updated, the next day after the reconciliation everything is updated disappeared.

do you have an idea ?

Thank you.



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Hi @tallal85 - Can you provide more detailed info about what data you're importing using the business adapter? If it's location, cost center or business unit data for hardware assets, then it's probably happening because those assets are linked to users who do not have that information populated. FNMS syncs up business data between users and their assigned assets, even if that means overwriting populated data in the asset record with empty data from the user record. There should probably be an option in the settings page to disable that specific scenario from happening.

Hi peterikeda,

Thank you for your answer, I integrated a datalake, with the costcenter, corporate unit, and the environments (PROD, BACKUP, ...), and after reconciliation the updates are removed.

And when you say settings page, you talk about Business adapter or flexnet ?

Thank you

Hi @tallal85 ,

When I mentioned the settings page, I was talking about a potential enhancement request. 

Are the assets that you're updating via the business adapter linked to a user account? If so check the business data for that user and if it's empty, then that's why the business data on the asset record gets removed. If there is no assigned user, then I'm not sure but looking at the user account and timestamps in the history tab of the asset record may provide some more clues. 


Yes there is a user linked to this account, what can i do please ?

Screenshots attached.


Othmane TALLAL

and where can I find the user's business data ?

Thank you for your response.




Hi @tallal85  - There's a couple of options -

1.It's not an elegant solution but you can schedule your business adapter to run shortly after the reconciliation job. 

2.  You can try to ensure that your users have the same cost center and business unit as the hardware asset that they're assigned to. 

3. Open a case with Flexera and see what they suggest. There may be some flag that you can set to disable asset-user data synchronization. If there is please let me know!


Please check the settings of the following:

I would think that the combination of these two settings could result in what you're seeing (based on your descriptions above).


Hi Tallal,

Document preview of server.png shows enterprise group data was set by A operator and it was cleared by another operator.
FNMS can have only one data processing account that process inventory reconcile and business import data.

Can you check what 2nd/3rd operators were doing when set enterprise group values were cleared.

Hope this will point to the what has caused this issue. Good to reach out to Flexera support if more help needed.

Also noticed in the screen shot inventory device is VM, by default asset creation/sync is turned on for physical hosts not for virtual machines. Can you also check following settings under System Settings > Inventory  

Virtual machines: