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o365 License\subscription expiry date missing

Hi All,

We have configured m365 adapter on the beacon. connection got executed successfully.

on checking output xml file LicenseCreateUpdate--110--Get Licenses from Office

 we noticed value for c1,c2,c3,c4 & c6 is available but c5 is missing. looks like adapter did not collect expiry date information. On the Admin center, expiry date is available for the subscriptions.

Account which we have used for adapter is having report reader and cloud application admin role.

Is the account missing with any other role to get the expiry date?

Thank you


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I can see that you're interacting with support on this issue. Please update this thread with your findings and workarounds if you accept these.


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Hi @JohnSorensenDK ,

Yeah Support technician confirmed that this functionality is not available on the new adapter. he stated that  Microsoft does not currently provide us the ability to get the expiration date from the graph API but there is an enhancement request to implement the functionality once again when it becomes available for use.

As a workaround he suggested us to manually populate the expiry date on the license properties.

Thank you