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liveness probe krm-monitor

Hi All,

We've seen that our krm-monitor was running, but doing nothing. I want to configure liveness probes for the krm-monitor, incase it doesn't respond, K8s will restart the monitor pod based on the liveness probes.

But where should I define the liveness probes?? In the krm.yaml and where and how in this krm.yaml?

Also, what is the end point in the monitor pod, so that I configure my probe to listen on?


Any help would be appriciated.

Cheers, Mano


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The krm module currently does not expose an http endpoint (no http listener) that could be used for any type of probes, it wasn't considered as part of the agent design.

If the monitor is not doing anything you may need to look into its logs as there may be different reasons why. E.g. you may have SSL issues with the Flexera Kubernetes inventory agent, upload issues, etc.

Please feel free to contact Flexera Support if you need assistance in troubleshooting the issue.