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linux Inventory agent compatibility/differences between 32bit and 64bit OS

Hi Forum,

we are facing an issue with the agent deployment in Linux(Red hat) servers where the OS is 64-bit. FNMS Cloud setup 2019 R2

1. we are trying to install managesoft-14.1.0-1.x86_64.rpm and its getting installed but not reporting to the beacon as per the daily schedule.

2. For testing purpose we installed managesoft-14.1.0-1.i386.rpm the agent is getting installed and is reporting to Beacon server as per the schedule.

We are using a .sh script for installing the agent on the servers with out an SSL key. It might be a very basic thing but i just want to clarify  What is difference between the i386 and X86_64 agent versions.

Following this method recently and installing an agent via standard procedure with mgsft_rollout_cert and mgsft_rollout_response with the agent setup we never faced these kind of issues.

Couldn't crack out what the issue is and any one facing/faced similar issues and any suggestions on this issue would be very helpful.




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The logs, specifically the installation.log from the 64 bit agent could be useful in unstanding the actual issue.

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Hi @winvarma ,


After you install the agent you should check the managesoft log files

located in  /var/opt/managesoft/log 

installation.log , tacker.log  and uploader.log are the key files that you need to check and track down why the installation is not working.

I assume you use SSL communication, if yes, they you need to copy the ssl certificate before the agent installation.

See documentation:

Page 71 Agent third-party deployment: Configure the Bootstrap File for

I don't know what kind of .sh file you use and what you want to achieve, any way you should 1st copy the certificate and the configuration file on the folders as instructed in documentation and then to run the packet designed for your linux version.

I can tell you if you not follow the instruction from the documentation step by step the installation will work but no policy will be downloaded and the agent will not send any data as he don't know where to send it.

Hi @mfranz & @adrian_ritz1 ,

Thanks much for the quick revert i'm not using SSL certificate here and to avoid that i'm using a script to install the agent and before doing that copying the agent file and the scripts( and i run to the path var/tmp to avoid the SSL key requirement. I have reviewed the logs and couldn't find any issue let me recheck the logs as suggested.

there is no issue if i use the same method to install 32bit rpm file and do the installation.






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Hi @winvarma ,

If you don't user certificate for SSL then your communication with beacon is on port 80, right?

Also can you you please check your .sh file and do the following:

Configure your deployment/installation tool to deliver the bootstrap configuration file to /var/tmp/
This file must be in place on the device before you run the installer for FlexNet inventory agent

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Hi Members,

Thanks for the valuable insights. Does anyone have list of the Linux OS(like ubuntu, suse, centos) which is supported by the Flexnet inventory agent for linux.  or it will only Support RedHat and Oracle linux versions.

I do have a peculiar issue where the linux OS version is 64bit but the 64bit agent is not working in the servers and only a 32bit agent is working fine. Not sure what the issue is. Cloud latest setup.



Page 9 and 10, you will find all supported OS by FNMS 2019 R2 agents


hi @adrian_ritz1 ,

Thanks for the quick revert, wonder why the agent files were not available in the FNMS portal which is creating a confusion as i'm in now. Is there any specific reason for this that they are not published in the portal for ready download instead of going to the Beacon sever and getting them(.deb/etc., Agent setup files other than .rpm packages).



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Indeed some of them are in the portal, you go to FNMS portal -> Discovery & Invetnory -> Settings scroll down till you find the Inventory agent for download, from there you can download your packages.

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Hi @adrian_ritz1 ,

Yes they are available but i'm referring to the Linux flavours list like Suse, CentOS, Ubuntu and Fedora and the agents.



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@winvarma - Yes, it is on the roadmap to add these other packages to the user interface so that they can be directly downloaded, rather than having to copy them from the beacon.  However, I currently do not have a timeline for this.

Hi @kclausen ,

Thanks much for the update on the future roadmap.



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