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duplicate devices

I opened a case on this as well but wondering if anyone else ran into this.

Long story short, when we initially set up FlexNet Manager , we imported devices from SCCM/JAMF instead of going with the Flexera agent for discovery.

I'm now noticing that there's about 800 "duplicate" devices in the FNMSInventory computer table.

It's the same device, but you can tell by the SWDate/HWDate fields that one device is referencing the import from SCCM/JAMF, and the other is referencing the new Flexera agent generated device.  They both have different ComputerIDs.

The issue is - in the Web UI - these devices don't seem to be showing up as different devices.

Someone was looking for Software A.  They found it in the Web UI on Device B and contacted owner of Device B.  Owner says they don't have it installed on Device B.

Looking at the database... Software A is definitely on Device B, but it's on the old imported SCCM/JAMF ComputerID that hasn't been seen since March.    Software A doesn't exist on the new Flexera agent scan.

So I'm trying to find a clean way to go through and delete all these old computers.  They aren't showing up on the "Out-of-date inventory" , because as I mentioned, FlexNet Web UI doesn't seem to be listing them as separate devices, even though they have unique ComputerIDs in the computer table.


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Support got back to me, and referred me to:

Particularly the section:
Computer deletion using direct SQL statements

Thanks all for the help !

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It is not exactly clear where in the database you are looking. From your description it sounds like you have 'duplicate' records for these devices in the ImportedComputer table, but these records have something they can match on so they merge into a single record into the ComplianceComputer table. To verify this, you can check both the ImportedComputer and ComplianceComputer tables in your FNMSCompliance database. 

select * from ComplianceComputer where ComputerName like '%Name%'
select * from ImportedComputer where ComputerName like '%Name%'

If I understand correct, you import the same computer from 2 different sources. SCCM and Flexera agent. 

When you set up the SCCM import on beacon server, you have the option to merge inventory, or to take into consideration the last one.

May here is your problem, as by default as I remember the merge inventory is set.

So if you have an old SCCM inventory it will be merged with the new Flexera one. Try to work with this setting, eventually to take into consideration only the most actual inventory source.

Hi Jeff.

As stated by the others, the two records for the same device are merged from the importedcomputers table when moved to the compliancecomputer table.  The compliancecomputer table is referenced in the GUI.

Some options for your old software problem:

1) Ideally you must cleanup the source of the data.  As JAMF is still connected to FNMS, but contains dirty data, it remains the owner of its old data.  You should delete the old computers in JAMF, and then the related records will be deleted in FNMS.  If you directly cleanup FNMS imported computers but don't clean up JAMF, the records will simply return with the next import from JAMF.

2) If JAMF was only imported once off and is static data, then consider dropping the connection to JAMF - that will remove all data owned by that connection from FNMS. 





Support got back to me, and referred me to:

Particularly the section:
Computer deletion using direct SQL statements

Thanks all for the help !