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What will happen if we stop SCCM Adapter? ?

Hi Forum,

I want to know the consequences occured if we delete existing SCCM connection.

I know that new inventory will not be imported to Tool.What about existing data will that be removed ?

if we want to do cleanup what is best practice?

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Yes if you delete SCCM connection from UI whatever data it collected and reflected in UI will be gone.

Connection will remain in beacon application from where you can run it again.

This is not good practice as application and license connected to the devices will also be removed.

For cleanup, better get report from your SCCM team and compare it with your SCCM inventory. you can delete duplicate if it's not in SCCM but in Flexera.

I had a lesson learned from updating an inventory source because of a platform change. I deleted the connection from the beacon but because it was still in the UI, the inventory linked to that connection remained and was not being updated. We have multiple merging inventory sources, so only the inventory exclusively from that source was exposed. After deleting the connection in UI, our inventory was cleaned up.

Removed connection at beacon end. Still we are seeing SMS related data in Webui.

Yes, that would be expected. The inventory linked to that connection will remain in the UI until the connection is deleted from the UI. @atique mentioned deleting from the UI, "although not good practice", would remove all from that source.

In our case, I deleted the connection from the beacon. We have multiple merging inventory sources, so the active inventory was being updated by other sources. The inactive inventory from our old SCCM connection was still displaying in the UI and not updating. So that may be useful information if what you are seeing is not being updated by other sources that you may have set up for inventory.