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What happens with the FlexNet Manager Contract Portal functionality?


There was earlier a discussion regarding the use of the Contract Portal and how to proceed with the good things that we can find in this Portal. The discussion ended and I haven't found any follow up on this, have I missed it? See link below for the discussion. 
We are right now looking into this and we are very interested in learning how this has been taken further


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Community Manager

The status discussed in that earlier thread is largely unchanged: this old contract portal capability is still in there if you know where to look, but to my knowledge there have not been any changes made or planned in this area for some years.

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I know that there will be no development of the Contract Portal. Would like to know what goodies Flexera is planning to implement in the coming version that customers today are using the Contract Portal for.
Like email remainders, good overview of contract statuses, list of software obligations and so on. 
Has some of these features already been taken care of?

You can create reports and views within FlexNet Manager to obtain most of this data.  For example, there is a productized view within the UI to view all upcoming contracts Terms and Conditions that are about to expire.  These can be found on the Procurement tab under the Events column.  And the All Contracts view is very flexible in terms of adding/removing columns, and adding filters and grouping, as once you have created a view, you can save it off with your own name and re-use it in the future.

Longer term, FNMS Cloud will have a set of published Restful APIs so that you can programmatically extract data, and do what you want, such as generating emails.

If you have FNMS On-Premises, you have the option of using brute force SQL to get at the data you need without going through the user interface.

Yes, many functionalities are there but not the ones connected to Obligation for example. We are using the contract portal to follow up on completion of obligations with a note and checkmark in box for Completed. This way it is very easy to summarize all our software obligation within all our contracts in just one or two steps. 
Also I haven't been able to find how to get an overview of responsibilities of all contracts. If I for example would like to see Owner of all our Contracts in one view, is that possible?
Renewal of Contracts can be tracked in other systems, but keeping track of software obligations are not tracked elsewhere for now.