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Was there something in the ARL version upload between 7/9/2022-7/10/2022 that deals with JAVA 8 recognition

We had many VM's show up all of the sudden with Java 8 installs (linked software).  Over 1,000.

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Community Manager

I don't see any updates related to Java listed in the ARL release #2689 from around July 8 (see details here), but the following prior ARL updates I checked do show updates were made related to Java:

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By any chance, would we be able to know what were the changes made in the above ARL updates? In particular, the Java 8 installs, which are licensable: 

Java Development Kit 6 Standard - Oracle
Java Development Kit 8 Standard - Oracle

Java Development Kit 11 Standard - Oracle
Java Development Kit 7 Standard - Oracle



Hi @sohbinong , 

We have not changed anything with respect to the application properties. We have just added new evidence to above said Java applications.

Hence those applications are listed under 'List of applications updated in the release'.  

Thank you, 

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