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Vm's were not showing Host details


Facing issue with VM's(both windows and Non windows OS) where many of them were not showing the host details and displaying Alert "This Virtual Machine does not have a host", not sure where the connectivity is missing and credentials to the Vcenter were intact and not sure what other troubleshooting can be done, Request your suggestions in resolving the same.

Version: FNMS Cloud 2019 R1.6 

Agent ver: 2019 R1.4




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1st place to look should be in VmWare inventory tab. Also you should know which VM on which VM host and that VM host by which vCenter is managed.

Usually then the VM host is missing, is because the vCenter is not audited. I encountered a lot of this problem when someone install a new vCenter, and start installing agents on VM's but forget to announce about the vCenter

Hi @adrian_ritz1 ,

Thanks for the comments and i did check the Vm inventory and i do see only 1 Vcenter server for the total inventory and see few hosts were not Managed by Vcenter server and details were blank but able to see no alerts in VM properties for those ESXI hosts.

Any troubleshooting steps available if we can identify from checking the VM logs to drill down the issue?

i will try to identify the hosts as suggested and just checking if any rule to be run to gather the VM inventory other than the VCenter integration.




If you want to go down on this road, with the troubleshooting you can do the following.

On your beacon server disable the upload inventory scheduled tasks .

Run manually the vCenter invetory

Copy the .ndi files that are create in c:\programdata\flexera\incoming\inventory (i put the path from my head), there are the .ndi file created by the vCenter inventory. This files contain raw data, copy them in a temp folder.

Enable the scheduled task

Investigate this files and check if you find there your missing vm's.

If you do not find your information in this files, that mean that the vm's are on a ESX or vCenter that is not audited.

If your vm's are in the .ndi files, than probably is something wrong with the linkage and need further investigation.


Thanks @adrian_ritz1

i will try this and post my observations.


Hi @winvarma\all,

Even i am facing this issue on most of our tenants. we have disco & inventory rule to gather inventory from Vcneter. we have recently moved to 2019 r1.3 version. I could see the issue started occurring after the upgrade. below are my observations on this issue.

1. Last inventory date for the host machines are old.

2.NDI files are being generated for each host machine and getting uploaded to inventory server. 

3.Even after inventory import & reconciliation job , last inventory date of host is not updated(looks like inventory collected is not getting updated).

4. No Agent id(Null) is available on the computer_mt table (inventory database) for the hosts in question, but the ndi file which is being generated now for the hosts are having Agent id. 

So i suspect the issue is with the Agent id that is coming from the ndi file, Since Agentid is not available on the computer_mt table i guess it is not updating the inventory collected.

Does anyone face the same issue and have solution for it?

Thank you in Advance


Hi @winvarma\all,

 I hope i have identified the issue on my environment. Agent id on the Beacon(on registry) and the Agentid on the ndi files that collected for each host are same.

Because of the same agent id - Instead of updating the host inventory, beacon server's inventory is getting Updated.

By anychance does any one faced this issue and have a solution for this?

Thank you


We are also facing the same issue in All Inventory where the alert shows "The Virtual machine does not have a host". The VMware host information is blank and the last inventory source for these VMware's are SMS & FlexNet Manager Suite. We are at 2019 R2 version.

Please let me know how to get the host information for these virtual machines .

Best Regards

Venu Gopal


I've sometimes found it easier to investigate which hosts and virtual machines are returned from a vCenter server by using ESXQuery against it. You can download this utility from VMware Stand-alone Inventory Agent for FlexNet Manager Suite