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Virtual Machines doesn't have a missing Host alert when it does not have a Host

We tried two ways of filtering the virtual machines without a host one with the missing host alert and one with the host is empty filter in the second one we get hostless vm's but still don't show any alerts.

What i'm asking is , why there is such difference and how the alerts mechanism actually works ?

¤ First filter

second filter.png

¤ Second filter

first filter.png

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Community Manager

The "Virtual machine does not have a host" alert applies to inventory device records that match the following conditions:

  • "Type" is "Virtual Machine"
  • "Status" is "Active"
  • "Host" is empty
  • "Hosted in" is not a cloud service provider

I don't quite follow what differences you are seeing from the two different filters sorry. The screenshots only show the filters you're using, but I'm unclear on how the results differ.

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Hi @ChrisG thanks for your reply !

What i meant by the differences is that the screenshot with the alert filter returns less results than the second one and the second one is containing Virtual Machines without the alert sign on them.