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Vendor/Publisher table

Hello all, a question about managing the Vendor/Publisher table. We are struggling to minimize the number of entries for the same publisher ( for example Citrix, Citrix Systems, Citrix Systems Inc. etc). I understand that when linking an application to a license that the Publisher will be copied over to Vendor list from the ARL. Help suggests the following: Tip: Beware of creating overlapping definitions for the same publisher. For example, you imported purchases that referenced Microsoft Corp. Then an operator manually created the vendor MS. Finally, you link Microsoft Office to a license, which imports the ARL's name for the publisher, Microsoft. All three records now exist separately in your vendor table, and are visible on the list of all vendors (navigate to Procurement > All Vendors). Avoid this problem by preparing your licenses early and re-using a publisher name from the ARL in other data sources. My question is how can we proactively refer to the ARL to find out what publisher is listed there so that when we do our reseller imports we can enter the same name?

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi jiwaniec,

You can go to the License Compliance > All Applications page, which will show you a list of all applications and the publisher names specified in the Application Recognition Library. You can use the filtering available on the grid on this page to look for particular publisher names to see exactly how they are represented.

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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran
My guess is grouping the all application view by Publisher and using the search capabilities would be an easy way to validate. Hope this helps