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Validating data received from Citrix Xenapp agent in the FNMS UI

Hi Forum,

Request your suggestions and best practices on

1. how to validate/use the data received from the Citrix Xenapp agent data collected from the Citrix Environment imported via oob adapter to FNMS

2. We have multiple Citrix DC servers and do we have to install the agent in all the DC's per farm?

3. what are best practices to follow as once the data collected to the staging DB will be over written by the data collected from another Xenapp agent run on a different DC server when the task related to Xenapp agent is run and how to avoid this.

Appreciate your thoughts 



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I would first ensure that you have everything setup. We have this KB article along with the adapters reference that covers this. This is what I would refer to for best practice when setting up and using these adapters. There should be several diagrams that cover the different ways this can be implemented, and what data is gathered:

As far as validating the data this is something that you will need to ensure that you are seeing applications being recognized for users that are using them, and they you are seeing licensing being consumed as expected for the sample set you decide to use to validate the inventory. 

Hope this helps!

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