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VMware Inventory are not updating everytime

We have more than 200 ESXi in different vCenter and clusters.

Our VMware Team has given read-only permission roles to Flexera account for VMware integration.

Our issues is here that ESXi inventory is not upto date everytime and it is keeping very old inventories but everytime VMware inventory scanning are success.

Kindly advise me.

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@sbathusha If I understand you correctly you are having issue with the vmware discovery and inventory. I suggest you to validate the Discovery Inventory Rules tasks and their status. On FNMS just navigate to menu Discovery and Inventory > Discovery > Discovery and Inventory Rules: then just expand the Rule that you want to validate read all the information carefully. Now after reviewing the status and other information try to find the following link [Show/hide task status and history] at the bottom of the rule section. Click on it and expend the beacon that is responsible for the rule execution and find the logs and validate if beacon if success accessing the vCenter SDK and downgliding the inventory.

In general you need following to discover the vmware vCenter:

  1. vCenter hostname and IP address
  2. Network connectivity between Beacon and vCenter on TCP Port 80/443 and also ping
  3. vCenter subnet assignment to Beacon
  4. FNMS account on vCenter (at least with Read Only privileges)
  5. Storing vCenter account's credentials on Beacon's password manager
  6. On FNMS WebUI a Discovery and Inventory Rule with proper Action and Targets

Current Run - Progress.JPG

Show-hide task status and history.JPG

Addiotnaly you can use the Flexera vmware standalone inventory agent to test the discovery for more details refer to following KB.

VMware stand-alone inventory agent for FlexNet Manager Suite

Good luck!