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Upgraded beacon get downgraded automatically

We try to upgrade a beacon to version to

We need to do this manually because push from central doesn't function.

We have set upgrade mode to: Always use the approved version (currently

After we successful upgrade manually the version shows but 1 hour later we see it is downgraded to

Any idea what triggers the downgrade?

(2) Replies

Open\configure each beacon and change the Upgrade Mode to "Do not upgrade automatically".

In the global setting, update the approved version to the version you will upgrade to. Then you should be able to successfully upgrade each beacon and it will stay upgraded.

Thanks for your reply but this setting is already set to "Always use the latest version (currently"

We have found out what is the root cause this setting Always use the latest version (currently was not transferred to the beacon so that was causing the downgrade. Due to network issue (that's why we wanted to upgrade) this setting was not updated on the target beacon.

After 10 days the Beacon upgraded itself as it should be. So if you have an instable network this can cause this behavior.