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Unrecognized SKU Template Column Definitions

Hello Everyone!

Could someone point me to where I can get Flexera's definition of each column that is on the Unrecognized SKU template other than just the examples that are on the template now.

I have a customer that is questioning what Flexera means by the different column headers on the template. I'm thinking a standardized definition would be helpful for the customer instead of examples.


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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm not sure where this template has come from - I don't recognize it as a set of columns that would be directly used anywhere by FlexNet Manager Suite. The column headings smell roughly to me like various licensing concepts used by Microsoft, although possibly somewhat dated.

Perhaps the real question is: what are you trying to achieve here? For what purpose are you looking to use this template?

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The template is used when submitting missing SKUs to the Flexera content team. It is published in the Flexera Knowledge base:

I am not aware of any additional documentation. It is bascially asking for the details displayed when you review a recognized SKU.


So for the confusion!

On the SKU template my customer was looking for Flexera's definitions of the column headers besides the examples that are already on the template.