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Unmanaged Devices

This report states:
"Direct collection of inventory from these devices is not possible because they are not in assigned subnets."

However, we have zero unassigned subnets.

Manually checked devices where Agent installed column = 'No' but the agent is actually installed.


Why does FNMS not recognize the FlexNet Inventory Agent and is there best practices and/or vendor recommendations for troubleshooting these unmanaged devices?



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Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

Do these machines have multiple IP addresses?

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There's just over six thousand machines. I've eyeballed the first thousand and they all appear to have their own dedicated IP address. Three have a blank IP address.
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You mentioned that there were no unassigned subnets.

Have you checked that the relevant subnet(s) associated to the unmanaged devices is already being managed by a Beacon?

We have had instances where the subnet was not automatically coming into FNMS and we had to manually create it and then assign to correct to Beacon.  


Thanks for your reply, Jens. I'm not sure. How are you checking that? If it helps, 'Inventoried' is Yes for all, but 'Discovered' is No.
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"Unmanaged Devices" should just be "All Discovered Devices" with "Site" being empty. As mentioned before by @JensWalton, "Site" is automatically applied if the machine has an IP which belongs to a subnet linked to a site. So please check your subnets and add one where needed.

Softline Group is Europe's leading independent expert in Software Asset Management.

There is sometimes an indication in the 'Unmanaged Devices' view stating the subnet is not in the Beacon's range, meaning the subnet the device is associated to is not listed against the beacon.

The Networks team can help determine the subnet description from the IP address of the device(s) you have.


If an unmanaged device has been inventoried but not discovered; this could mean that the device could actually be ignored in All Inventory.  The Agent was once installed on the device allowing it to be inventoried, but Asset Record is retired or the Inventory Record is manually Ignored....the evidence of the FNMS agent being installed on the device is removed.  (However, it is still listed in the audit history)

Unfortunately, this level of detail is not made clear in the 'unmanaged devices' section.

Housekeeping processes are required to delete stale records from the 'unamanaged' view.


@mark_robinson - it sounds like you may be stretching the "All Discovered Devices" page a little beyond its comfort zone for dealing with mass data. There is a somewhat loose relationship between discovered device records and inventory device records: it is often difficult for the system to automatically and reliably match up these different types of records due to the different ways that data is gathered about them. As such, the data on this page tends not to be a reliable way to track which devices are in the network and have the agent installed.

If you are using FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud or at least the 2019 R1 on-premises release, you may find the Discovery & Inventory > FlexNet Inventory Agent Status page useful for checking the status of agents that have been deployed. You can look (with any FlexNet release) to see what inventory devices are shown as installed on the FlexNet Inventory Agent application records to see where the agent has been installed.

In relation to discovered devices not not being in any assigned subnets: while you say you have all configured subnets assigned to a beacon, I suspect that the IP addresses for the devices you are seeing are not within any of the subnets that are configured.

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