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Unable to detect IBM (PVU) software in Flexnet Manager - (InfoSphere Datastage, Editor)

Some IBM software eligible for subcapacity remains undetected within Flexnet Manager. The application itself is not detected, neither is unrecognized evidence related to this software visible or identifiable. Both products are PVU-Based. Within IBM's BigFix these software installations are being detected.  Please find the related products and versions (not exhaustive) below:

- IBM Editor for Messages for Distibuted Systems v2

- IBM InfoSphere Datastage v11

How to address this?

Version of FNMS at client is 2018R2

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HI @matthias_van_b_1 

Assuming that you have an agent present on the end point and the agent is correctly reporting in...

then review the NDI file for IBM evidence.

Also review the BigFix report for the directory in which the app is being detected - then ensure that this directory is not excluded from your FNMS inventory collection.


By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran
Hi Matthias, If you haven't already I suggest raising a Flexera support case for this -

Understanding the operating system environment this software is believed to be installed on would be helpful as well as confirmation if the FNMS Agent (and which version) is inventorying the devices.

(Anything expressed here is my own view and not necessarily that of my employer, Flexera. If my reply answers a question you have raised, please click "ACCEPT AS SOLUTION".)

If you haven't done so, I recommend that you download and install FlexNet Manager Suite Update 2018R2-06.  This will introduce a new feature into your FNMS 2018 R2 environment where a new "Evidence" tab is displayed when viewing an Inventory Device.  This tab will display all of the raw software inventory evidence (Installer, File, WMI) from all inventory sources.  For each piece of raw evidence, it indicates if it is ignored by the ARL and if it is recognized, the normalized software title in that it is mapped to in the ARL.  From this view, you can also see the raw evidence that is not recognized.

If you are using the FlexNet Manager Agent, you should confirm that the folder where the IBM software is installed is being included for inventory.  For example, the FlexNet Agent by default will not scan any mounted network drives.

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

In addition to has been said already, does your current license contain the FNMS IBM option?

Yes it does. So, currently investigating on the related ndi-files. Hope this will provide some insight.

I've checked both applications in the All Applications view and each relies solely on installer evidence which means it would use a RPM entry on Linux for example.

This means that if it was installed via a script that copies the files into a directory instead of using native installer technology then it wouldn't have any installer evidence on the OS.


I would check if that is how it was installed as if so, we would need to identify file evidence.  I can see on some versions there are .swidtag files that are available, so a ndi which contains the swidtags would allow a content request to be created. 

If these are not available, we'd need to find some unique file evidence for that version that we know exists in all installations.

(Anything expressed here is my own view and not necessarily that of my employer, Flexera)
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