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Tracking open software management issues, like Unauthorized Software or Licenses at Risk?

FNMS does not provide fields for tracking a service management ticket number or contact person, etc.

How do you keep track which (unauthorized) applications have a  ticket that has been opened or which software management team member is working on your list of unauthorized software and which applications need attention?

We have a spreadsheet with this along with date opened, last follow up date, etc. but are considering adding custom fields to the Application object (for Unauthorized Software) or License object (for Licenses at Risk) so we can divide open issues among team members and avoid multiple people working on same issue.

Suggestions or successful solutions?

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Your idea of adding some custom fields to track relevant information sounds good.

I have worked with one organization who take a feed of data from FlexNet and use that to automatically raise tickets to follow up on unauthorized installations. While this sort of approach does involve some scripting and specialized processing, having it automated is a powerful technique to drive behaviors and improve compliance.

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