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Re: The future of the Contract Management Portal???

Hi Jason

I raised this during the Flexera User CAB in 2016....it was said back then that improvements were being considered for 2017 release....still waiting...

The interface for the Contracts Management portal has not changed since version 9.2.  The management of the notifications and alerts based on the contract lifecycle dates should be within the main WebUI and not within the "ECMBusinessPortal".

The e-mail alert templates are limited and poor presenting little to no information to e-mail recipient, so I don't use these and instead use a standard contracts view to monitor/manage contracts.



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Re: The future of the Contract Management Portal???

Thanks Jens,

My business partners (Asset Management Team) have found the notifications to be very helpful. They are very concerned that these would go away which is why I continue to keep asking about the functionality making it into FNMS one day.