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SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.3 (x86 64-bit) FlexNet Agent does not read the mgsft response file

Good day

We are experiencing an issue at a customer when installing the linux agent on a SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.3 (x86 64-bit).

All files are correct in the /var/tmp directory.

  1.  The agent package
  2. mgsft_rollout_response
  3. mgsft_rollout_cert

Permissions on the mgsft files are set as 777 

When installing the agent, it fails to read the mgsft_rollout_response file. The end result on the screen says agent has been installed without a configuration file.

Can you advise

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Good day Version of Linux : SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.3 (x86 64-bit) Version of Inventory Agent: managesoft-13.1.1-1.x86_64.rpm The config files that they have are the mgsft_rollout_response and the mgsft_rollout_cert. What has been done so far: Agent has been installed. See attached screenshot. It says that "managesoft was installed without a configuration file", but all files are correct in the /var/tmp directory and have the correct permissions and are run as root. We then manually configured by running /opt/managesoft/bin/managesoft-configure. Then we re-ran mgspolicy -t machine and the agent was then working as expected. I have attached the response file as well.

Response file attached

This file has a .txt extension. Have you only added that for the purposes of uploading here or does the rollout response file in /var/tmp also have this file extension? Either way, it should have not such an extension. Also, the the EOL characters in this file are Windows (CR LF). They should be UNIX (LF). Again, is this because you saved on a windows box for the purpose of uploading here or does the file in /var/tmp have these characters? If the EOL characters are Windows then this file will not be read by the installer. Ensure that the EOL characters are UNIX (LF).

Hi @ppuddick  - I know that i uploaded it with a .txt extension. That was just for viewing as i could not upload the original unix format file. All files that are on the server are in UNIX format.


I have the same exact problem as @iammanzi with Ubuntu on 2019 R2 agent (14.0), tested with Ubuntu16.04 server as well as 20.04 desktop. I tested with CentOS and the same mgsft_rollout_response file works there. The line endings in the file are LF.

However installation results in "...installed without configuration" and mgsft_rollout_response is left intact in /var/tmp/

I used standard command for installation:

dpkg --install managesoft_14.0.0_amd64.deb



This is solved now, apparently you need to have "mgsft_rollout_response" file and all installation files exactly under "/var/tmp". If you have files in for example "/var/tmp/installationfiles" folder it will not work.