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Software request authorization work flow

I have a process that we call the New Software Request process.  This process reviews software licensing and terms before we authorize it for use.  The tool we are using is in house developed and is going end of life.  

Is there a way to use Flexera tools to perform a workflow of assignment and approval from request to authorized, packaged, and Matured license metric in FNMS?

example, I want to use currently unauthorized winzip.  assignment for approval to review terms and security, once approved then move to the software catalog in FNMS and begin packaging processes.

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Re: Software request authorization work flow

Flexera has an additional product called App Broker that performs this functionality.  You can maintain a standard catalog that End Users can request software from.  For commercial software, it integrates with FlexNet Manager to see if licenses are available, or now licenses need to be purchased.  Workflow approvals can be created and tracked.  It integrates with products such as SCCM to automatically install/remove software after a request is approved.  It can automate License Reharvest campaigns to remove software not being used.  It can also integrate with ServiceNow so that users are requesting software through the ServiceNow Portal rather than the App Broker UI as well as use ServiceNow rules for request approval.

More information can be found here: