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Silent Uninstall FNMEA Agent

Hi All,

We are trying to uninstall the old version of FNMEA Agent from all the license servers. There are instructions for silent installation of FNMEA agent. However, there are no steps for silent uninstallation. Can anyone help if there are set of instructions for silent uninstallation of the FNMEA Agent. 

Appreciate any help!

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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Hi @Rince_Antony,


Thanks for sharing questioner on uninstalling Agent. For to uninstall an FNMEA Agent we need to follow the below steps.


Steps for to perform.

  1. Ensure Agent which is running in a machine should stop.
  2. Navigate to <Agent installed folder>>>Agent_configuration>> and click or run Reconfigure_Agent.
  3. This will uninstall the Agent and once it is done we can delete the rest of folder’s from the installed location.


Let me know if I clarified your doubt or let me know so I can elaborate the steps with screenshots. Please let me know what platform you are looking here I mean Windows/RHEL?




Thanks @LeelaRam for the response. 

I know the steps to manually uninstall and it is there in the documentation. We have an old version of FNMEA Agent which has a vulnerable version of Log4j. So we are trying to uninstall this old version from all our Windows license servers. 

Manually uninstalling from large number servers is time consuming and hence is my question on silent uninstallation. So we can script it and uninstall from all servers remotely. 

Hi @Rince_Antony,

Thanks for your response. I totally understood your point here and the same way still we can go for stopping respective agent and can perform uninstallation too right. The command specified by me will not seek for any input from user. Hence, There wont be any issue in Uninstallation. Let me know your thought's. Correct me if I am deviating from the core point you mentioned here. 




@LeelaRam Tried doing the same. But no success. Do you have any script that works? I tried the below. Stopping the service and deleting the folder works fine. However it is not uninstalling. 

Stop-Service -Name "fnmeaagent" -Force -PassThru

Start-Process -FilePath "C:\Program Files\FNMEA Agent\Agent_configuration\Reconfigure_Agent.exe" /S -NoNewWindow -Wait -PassThru

rm -Force "C:\Program Files\FNMEA Agent" -Recurse -ErrorAction Ignore