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Setting up auto report

Is there a way to get an automated reports from FlexNet Manager - report of ALL assets, can we setup auto email to share reports via flexera or we need to log into Flexera and pull this report please response. I do not see email option when tired creating report, it shows Public or Private but no email option. Please correct me. Thank You.

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@dparab27 - You are correct in that there is no capability today within FlexNet Manager to schedule/email reports.  If you have FNMS On-Premises, the FlexNet Analytics module (powered by IBM Cognos) has the ability to schedule and email reports, using the built-in capabilities of IBM Cognos.  This is not available today for FNMS Cloud Analytics.

The good news is that Flexera recognizes that this type of built-in capability is extremely important to our customers and is coming soon for both FNMS On-Premises and FNMS Cloud.


Thank You.

Currently we are using FlexNet Manager Cloud, i have access to COGNOS Reporting Role does this role have option to setup auto email reports or just for reporting creation please answer. 

With FNMS Cloud, you do not have the ability to schedule and email reports from Analytics.

Hi @kclausen, as of December 2019, Analytics in the Cloud did not have schedule and email capabilities. I wanted to check in and ask if this has changed, or if/when the capability is coming?

@kyle_wolff - I have not heard any further update on this functionality being made available in FNMS Cloud.  I do know that a set of published Restful APIs are in the works and will be made available later this year to enable FNMS Cloud customers easier access to their hosted data.