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Setting up agents without policy

Is it possible to set up Flexera agents on servers (windows or non-windows) without the policy.   If it is a must, can we push a file that is hard coded, and pushes the data on a fixed schedule (say 1 day or 1 week).  The reason is that we may want the agent to communicate only one way, from agent to beacon.  Not the other way.  How do we implement that

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Re: Setting up agents without policy

Hi Pilgrim,

Yes, you can simply copy the Flexera Agent - available in the mgs$REG file share on any Beacon (file system: \Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\Inventory Beacon\RemoteExecution\Public) - to your target devices and run the Agent binary (ndtrack) on a schedule using OS features like "Task Scheduler" on Windows or CRON on non-Windows OS. You can also run the Agent directly from the \\<Beacon>\mgs$RET network share.

As described in the "GatheringFlexNetInventory" document (https://helpnet.flexerasoftware.com/fnms2019r1/EN/WebHelp/PDF%20Documents/On-Prem/GatheringFlexNetIn... line options can be used for configuring the Flexera agent.

However, communication from the Flexera agent to the Beacon is always "one way only". Any communication with the Beacon - both for uploading of data collected by the Flexera Agent, as well as for downloading the "Policy" from the Beacon to any Flexera Agent - is triggered by the Agent. Beacons cannot communicate with Flexera agents directly.

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