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ServiceNow - New York - FNMS compatibility

I understand FNMS 2019 R1 is compatible with ServiceNow versions Jakarta, Kingston, and London.  Will it be compatible with ServiceNow New York?  If not, when will this be in the FNMS product?

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Flexera Alumni


FlexNet Manager 2019 R1 is current in terms of support for ServiceNow releases, it has been tested with Kingston, London and Madrid. Note that former FlexNet Manager versions are typically compatible. Here are is a link to Helpnet with the relevant documentation for FlexNet Manager Cloud:

As far as I understand, ServiceNow will release the New York version in September. We will update and re-certify our integration as soon as possible and as we have proven with previously ServiceNow releases. 

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Senior Solution Architect in the SE team
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What is the latest version that FNMS is certified for? What are the plans for 2020R1 regarding ServiceNow version compatability?