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Servers running Microsoft Desktop apps consuming a license issue


We have a couple of servers (Virtual Machines running server Operating System) on which a couple of Microsoft Desktop applications are installed to be accessed by end users. However when we go ahead and configure the relevant desktop application licenses on the FNMS tool (Project Standard 2019 and Office Professional Plus 2019 to be precise) post reconciliation these servers that have these Microsoft desktop applications are also consuming the desktop application licenses. Which should not be the case.

The workaround that I know is to manually exempt these servers from consuming those desktop application licenses.

However I would like to know if there is any alternative means to avoid these servers from consuming those desktop application licenses?

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Hi Ravi,

Generally a license will be required for any device that is used for making a software product available to users.

If you install a desktop application - like Microsoft Project and Microsoft Office Professional - on a server, these installations will need a software license, too. Software vendors are very clear on this in their license agreements.

Installing desktop applications on production servers is not considered to be a "best practice" approach. There is a number of reasons:

  1. You will have to provide licenses for your servers and
  2. This may have a negative impact on the stability of your servers.