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Selective Access - Management View Index

Hi All -

Question on the "Management View Index" Section of the FNMS suite. 

Is there a way to give a user selective access to only one management view index? I have a view set based on a search from 'installed apps', and the idea is to give a user the ability to read-only access only one page in the management view index. We don't want them accessing any other spots in FNMS. 

Is this possible?

Thanks so much.


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Re: Selective Access - Management View Index

It is not possible to restrict access to which management views so that different people see a different set of management view links.

By configuring roles with appropriate access rights it is possible to configure which data an operator has access to. For example, you could configure a role which allows read-only access to inventory device and application details so they can see installation details, but no access to other data like license information. That way if they click on a management view link to see (for example) license data they would not see anything.

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