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'Save as' reporting (REPORTS) doesn't seem to work (FNMS Cloud)


I was hoping to take a Report framework and be able to 'save as' based on a particular filter, i.e. IBM inventory Apps or Oracle Hyperion Apps. 

What actually happens is the 'save as' just same the report to the new name (previous report doesn't exist), even when i save to  a new location.

This means i have to create the report from scratch, which is frustrating.

thanks in advance



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Hi Richard,

Your description sounds like you think the "Save As" is working more like a "Move", but I can assure you that the "Save As" should allow you to take any existing report and save a copy of it with another name and/or in a different location.   

I have just tested this to confirm as well and was definitely able to do what you describe so you can re-use the same layout and objects and just change the filters.

Is it possible that you saved the report to a different location (i.e. different folder, or Private versus Public etc)?  You might want to use the "Search" box to make sure you can list all occurrences of the report matching a keyword in the name - it might be that it is hiding in a folder you didn't expect.

- Murray

Hi Murray, how are you?

I was looking for  this topic about Reports and then I found here in your post. Please, could you to give me a add information about the Filters? Aren't they transfered to new report after the "SAVE AS"? Is there a other way to do this? (to Create a new Report from a existent report with all layouts, objects and filters ).