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SQL components and bundling under SQL license

Hi All,

Under SQL licensing some key components are licensable even if the main application isn't installed. This is found in the licensing guide and an article from Kevin

Does anyone know why Flexera hasn't bundled the components under the use rights and applications sections for SKU's that are for SQL licenses?

Has anyone added these components manually under a SQL license and how has that worked for you in terms of reporting and consumption calculations? 

Thank you!


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Hi @arthurnbn 

Good to raise this post to hear what people think. 

Here are some historical reason why the current MS SQL server & components not yet built as Bundle.  In the history of FNMS development, we introduced a 'Suite' concept first. (Faded memory from v8.6 FNMS). The concept of "Suite" seems fit this 'Microsoft Commercial Component' requiring license coverage. The current ARL has Suite relationship setup that as long as any commercial component is found in your machine , we reported 'SQL Server' application title as installed so SAM team will need determine a license to cover.

In 2017 around, FNMS starts 'Bundle' feature implementation and it was particularly start with IBM Bundling scenario (Primary app + supporting app). Once FNMS has the feature to handle bundle scenario properly, our FNMS Content SKU team also focus on building IBM SKU Bundle. So nowadays IBM SKU when you used for license creation, you will usually see a list of app in the identification tab as mutli-product (bundle) pre setup by our content library.    

While the concept between 'Suite' vs 'Bundle' are still different here so I believe this is the reason why our Content library doesn't decide to build MS SKU as 'bundle'  .  Of course if there is a convincing reason. I think our product owner team will have a review and act accordingly ?



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