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SCCM/MECM Inventory Reporting Detail requirements for inventory

I am trying to find information on what the recommended setting in SCCM / MECM for Inventory Reporting Detail.  Options are "File only", "Product only", or "Full details".  My SCCM team is asking if they can turn off "Full details" without impacting inventory we read into FNMS from SCCM.  Would we lose details required for license reconciliation? 




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I think that there's a risk that you would be missing relevant details, but it would depend on the manufacturer and license scope of your implementation. FNMS' ARL is primarily based on installer evidence (which would correspond to "Product only" SCCM wise) but it does combine the installer evidence with file evidence for some of its recognition patterns software inventory wise.

Also, please be aware that software usage would rely on executable information...