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Rotating passwords (via Cyberark) for both FNMS and Data Platform

Hi Team,
Wondering, if Flexera will eventually support rotating passwords (via Cyberark) for both FNMS and Data Platform?
Kamini Rajkumar
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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

For FNMS there seems to be an integration for remote inventory:

Regarding service accounts (for running FNMS), they can be set via PowerShell. The password could be retrieved via CyberArk API:

No idea for Data Platform.

It is very tricky this subject because if you use the same service account that you run FNMS also for vmware inventory it will be a no go..

Also for multitenant implementations will be very hard to manage this

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

You may wish to comment on and vote for the following idea which is suggesting some improvements related to the use of CyberArk with Data Platform: FDP-I-5: Enhance Data Platform to use Total Privileged Access Management (TPAM) for Managing SA Password.

@mfranz' pointer about FlexNet Manager Suite service accounts is good. I don't know of any open ideas in this space, but you could log an idea to seek to gather enough vote interest to raise the idea to the attention of Flexera Product Managers for consideration.

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