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Retired license & PO


This is my first thread, sorry if I did/said something incorrect 😞

So, I'm using FNMS and have licenses linked to a PO.
When I set licenses as retired, the FNMS keeps counting the licenses, even if we may not user them anymore.
So, found a solution by deleting PO... but.. we do not keep any track/trace of it.

So who can tell me how to retire licenses, add the new ones, without deleting PO and with having the correct number of licenses, so being compliant?

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After changing the status of a license in FNMS from "Active" (which is the default) to "Retired", FNMS will not calculate any license consumption for this license anymore. In the "All Licenses" view, you should see that the value in the "Consumed" column becomes 0.

Please note that after changing the status of the license, you have to trigger a new compliance calculation - or wait until the new compliance calculation is done by the scheduled task at night - to actually see the effect.