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Report Log analysis with SAMReport-lite


I have a report log file created by FlexLM providing Autodesk licenses.

There are instructions how to use the SAMReport-lite tool to decode the report log to make it readable for the licensee. There is additional information that the SAMReport-lite tool needs a license itself (as stated here) which finally leads to the Web Fulfillment site (here) for the SAMReport-lite tool.

When you make a requests on the Web Fulfillment site you have to enter the host ID (MAC address of the license server), which is also stated in the license file. It should then take 24 hours (as stated on the success page) to receive the SAMReport-lite license file.

Has anyone done this or can confirm that this works as described? I have requested a license twice but no response so far.

Thank you and regards,



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Flexera gpappin

Re: Report Log analysis with SAMReport-lite

SAMReport-lite is an End-of-Life product (support ended many years ago).   You have stumbled upon some old links that appear to still be active.   The product was replaced by FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications (FNMEA).  It is my understanding that Autodesk is aware of this and may even have the ability to resell that product.

We will reach out to them to see if their Knowledge Base can be update appropriately.

Apologies for any confusion.  We will be happy to assist you with more information about FNMEA if you are unable to obtain that from Autodesk.