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Replace existing values with new values using business adapter

Hi Team

We are using FNMS 2019R1 (on premises).

We have 100+ corporate units linked to 1000+ licenses and 5000+ purchases and contracts, including group assignments and restrictions applied 500 + licenses on corporate units/Locations.

Now we have planned to restructure the whole corporate units in FNMS. So, can you please suggest what is the best practice to update (replace) the existing corporate unit names & structures with new ones, with out breaking existing corp Unit to lic/purchases/contracts information also with out touching existing group assignments and restrictions.

For ex: We have current corp unit structure as  "First National Bank Ltd/Wesbank Devision/Wesbank Dept"

and we expecting to update this to "First National Bank/WesBank/Wesbank".   

and this should not effect existing group assignments/restrictions/link to licenses and purchases




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Re: Replace existing values with new values using business adapter

Hi @Cbrhodes 

You may want to cleanse that data before showing it - next time.

From the data you have shown, the rename can be done via the front end ie rename "Group LTD" to Group.  This is only the display name of the GroupID.  It will automatically filter through in all assets, contracts, assignments etc.

I would avoid having two levels with the same value ie you appear to have \Group\Division\Department - it will be confusing to search if division and department are both Wesbank.

In terms of business adapters  - what business adapters currently support the population of this data?  They will need to be aligned with the new target structure.

Regards to S.H.



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Re: Replace existing values with new values using business adapter

Automation of a change like this is difficult with FlexNet Manager Suite On-premises, and I can't think of any way to automate it with FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud. Take a look at the following post for one idea from @mfranz : Update Corp Structure with Restrictions (on licenses) pickup new corp unit automatically

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