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Relationship between AIX physical and virtual machines

Hi Forum,

We have a requirement to establish relationship between the AIX physical boxes and the Virtual devices hosted on them. Is this possible by deploying an agent or do we have to do any integration like ILMT if available? can we see this under Virtual devices and clusters how we see for VMware? or it should be done manually.

Please provide your thoughts and we have very less information on this requirement to provide here for getting help.



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@winvarma - Yes, deploy the agent to each LPAR.  FNMS will then build out the AIX hierarchy showing all of the dedicated LPARS, physical/shared pools and LPARs within the pools.

Thank you for the swift response.



If you do want to use FNMS agent and FNMS for IBM Sub-Capacity reporting, don't forget to speak to your IBM Account Manager and notify them of your intention to use FNMS instead of ILMT.  Get them to acknowledge your usage requirement in writing.

FNMS reports the hierarchy well, but if the UNIX team has created multiple shared pools and given them specific names....this does not come through.  You instead see Virtual Shared Pool (DEFAULT Pool), Virtual Shared Pool 1 ...2, 3 etc.