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Regarding PostgreSQL versions supported to use with FlexNet Database

Hello ,

I'm new to this form , bear with me for my ignorance and naivety 🙂

We would like to experiment with an  open source database server for our Admin and Reporting databases.  as per the Document , It would be PostgreSQL 12.0 or 10.0 .  But PostgreSQL current stable  version , which is (16.0)  is way ahead of the recommending version.

Wondering is it Ok to go with the latest version of  PostgreSQL   or  does suite has any specific dependencies that we should stick to the earlier version.

Thank you.





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The release notes is getting updated with the latest supported database versions, please refer to FNMEA Supported Databases for each released FNMEA version. 14.0 is the latest PostgreSQL version tested and such certified. 

It may obviously work with a newer version like 16.0 but it hasn't been tested by Flexera's team before the release of 2023 R1 and therefore isn't officially supported.