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Red Hat OpenShift License


Can someone please advice what product use rights and rules to be chosen while entering license of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (2 cores or 4 vCPUs) so that appropriate compliance can be calculated by the tool.


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Typically, you can rely on the Flexera content team that maintains the ARL/PURL and SKU libraries to be very dilligent.

If you have a valid SKU for the application, an easy way to configure a license correctly is to

  1. Create a purchase order using the product SKU. Check that the SKU is recognized by FNMS
  2. Let FNMS create a recommendation for processing the purchase order (based on the SKU)
  3. Accept the recommendation

RedHat is selling subscription licenses for the 'OpenShift Container Platform (2 Cores or 4 vCPUs)'.

The following SKUs can be found on the Internet for the 'OpenShift Container Platform' product:

  • Standard: 1Year:MCT2736, 3Year3:MCT2736F3
  • PremiumL 1Year:MCT2735, 3Year3:MCT2735F3

The license created by FNMS based on these SKUs has the following properties:

 License Type (Metric):Core Points
 Points rule set:Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
Use rights & rules
 Upgrade Rights:Support upgrades until <End Date>
  Downgrade Rights: Rights on virtual machines and hosts:Support downgradres from the most recent application to 'Any version'
 Rights on virtual machines and hosts:One licensed hosts covers max. 1 VM (installations on host OS NOT included)


Thank you for your insights and help. Much appreciated.