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Reconciliations are Timing Out the Last 2 Days .. Any Other North American Cloud Users Experiencing this

Hello There, I know there has been some recent challenges within the North American Cloud FNMS environment ...  Flexera System Status Dashboard E-mails re. "FlexNet Operations Intermittent Data Display Issues".

Our last 2 reconciliations (Sept 28 + Sept 29) have timed out and I suspect today's will do the same. It appears like these Intermittent Data Display Issues are quite possibly impacting the ability to complete the nightly reconciliation process, at least in our specific instance. I have opened a Case for our specific environment but was just curious if other North American Cloud users are experiencing the same type of behaviour as it may help the Engineering teams investigate if its just my specific environment.




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I'm experiencing the same issue. My last successful reconciliation was on 9/28. I would have expected some sort of monitoring activity taking place behind the scenes that would have alerted Flexera of the problem multiple customers are experiencing.

Thanks for your update ... yesterday's timed out as well for us and although last nights/ this mornings triggered at 2:01 am .. I am leaning towards it will time out as well. Updates on my Case identifies that Engineering are looking into it, so hopefully I will hear something relatively soon. I will update this thread as well with anything I see or hear.


Thx Again



Hi Bruce, 

Yes, our teams are investigating this issue. We will provide more updates through the cases as well as the status page. I will update this thread, once the message is live on the Status page.


We are on EU cloud. Recon is finishing but taking longer than usual time.


Hi All,

A message is up on the Status page for this issue: Our teams are also actively working on this issue. More updates will be posted on the status page as we have more information.