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Reconciliation fail for database error (LOG_BACKUP)

Hi All,

i'm getting the following error during reconciliation

Failed to import inventory devices with error message 'The transaction log for database 'FNMSCompliance' is full due to 'LOG_BACKUP'.'

How to solve this?


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This indicates that the LOG file on your SQL Server database is full and needs to be expanded.

You will need to work with your SQL Server Database Administrator to resolve this issue with the SQL Server instance that is hosting FlexNet Manager.

So we don't need to clean it? Thanks
It currently looks that the whole disk is full, beacuse of the FNMSCompliance_log file that reached 50 gigabytes. Is there no way to reduce it? LOG_BACKUP sounds like something that can be cleaned up or reduced in space (maybe with log rotation)

I'm attaching Flexera Database Requirements. It looks that FNMSCompiance should need not more than 20GB for 10k servers.

We just have 2000 servers inventored, and the FNMSCompliance_log file is 50 GB. How to clean solve this?

@marcog - Those are the 'minimum' requirements, and depending on specific scenarios, more disk space may be needed.

In addition, these minimum requirements are based on setting the SQL Server Recovery Mode of the database to the "Simple" mode.  If the FlexNet Manager databases are set to the default recovery mode of "Full", then more disk space is required for the Log Files.  You should verify with your SQL Server DBA that the recovery mode is set to "Simple".

Thanks. We increased the space and removed unneded transaction logs with the help of a DBA.

If the recovery model on the database is set to "Full", then increasing the frequency of log backups will reduce the amount of space needed for the database log file by backing up log content so the space can be reused. Doing a log backup once a day is common.

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