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Recognizing different Red Hat Enterprise Linux types

There are a couple of other posts asking about satellite server and connecting to FNMS.  These are not quite where I need to be.

Is there a way for FNMS to determine the difference between various type of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription guide

There is a difference between Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions and other various add on's.  I would like to be able to tell when SAP is deployed vs RHEL Server.  Is this possible?

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The only thing that comes into my mind is to check the installed RPM packages on a server to determine the use of several special RHEL repositories for SAP App/Sol or High Availability.
For SAP Apps/Sol  you can check for packages mentioned in following article: 
For High Availability it would be usually packages like: pcs, pacemaker, fence-all-agents, corosync 

In FNMS you can check the RAW evidences for those packages and where they are installed. Based on that you can allocate the correct RHEL licenses

I’ll see if I can setup recognition for tuned-profiles-sap-2.20.0-1.el8.noarch.  It would be nice if FNMS could perform the same as it does for Microsoft server editions.

when i find tuned profiles sap is there a way to automatically relate those RHEL Servers to the new application and not be part of the standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux server?


You can create your local applications for those SAP components.
Afterwards you can make a local application suite (e.g. RHEL with SAP Solutions ) that bundles the SAP component and normal RHEL OS detection. That application suite could be linked to the RHEL SAP Sol license.
Or, you are creating a RHEL for SAP solution license that bundles both applications as necessary for the comsumption.
In both cases you have to keep track of version changes of the components.