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Questions about creating Microsoft licenses in FNMS

Hi All,

I have some questions about creating Microsoft licenses.

1. What is the Power BI discoverable title in FNMS.

2. What's license type should I choose for Power BI, the software is capacity based. I didn't see it in the license type list.

3.Visual Studio is per user subscription , but components show on servers as application installed, as this is a Per User license how do we manage in FNSM that help?




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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Is the Visual Studio license user or named user? Typically for VS you'll have a user list that you configure with Microsoft, and you'd set that up in FlexNet Manager as a named user license with that user list. More information is in our documentation and Learning Center. 

Natalie Overstreet Lias
Senior Product Manager
I don’t speak for Flexera, and we should all be grateful for that