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Question about Application Evidence

Mdhiman wrote:
Hi Lee,

The arl://MGS-APP-00000188297 belongs to Toad for SQL Server 6.5 Unspecified edition, which suggests the evidence which are getting recognised doesn't provide edition information, so they are being recognised as 'Unspecified'.


Hi Monal. Thanks for posting, but how did you determine this? So there is no way to determine which Edition of the software this evidence should go to?
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Re: Question about Application Evidence

Please write more details about this question.
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Sometimes evidence is a bummer

Sometimes, software publishers make it REALLY difficult to tell the difference between editions of the same product - when we pull installer evidence in such a case, it truly can't be distinguished as one edition versus the other.

In some cases, if you know of a method to distinguish between the two, you can submit that method to Flexera Support - under Flexera's Complete Software Recognition Commitment, we are happy to work with any customer to improve application recognition.

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