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1) Can Flexera OOTB connect VMware Vcenter Linux appliance and gather inventory? Does FNMS view it differently than the windows Vcenter server?

2) How do we mass delete users who fit in certain criteria?

3) Where can we see which Vcenters are managing which clusters and hosts?

4) Hoe do we get p2v mapping for Citrix XenServer?

5) Some windows virtual machines are on RedHat o centos; Does FNMS capture p2v for these machines accurately?


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1) Without having it tested, as long as it offers the same API, it should make no difference.

2) Assuming FNMS on-prem, with a SQL query. E.g. run within a Business Import.

3) The managing vCenter is not part of the data model in FNMS. But as the cluster and host data is extracted from a ndi file containing the vCenter server name, there could be room for customizing. Not tested.
Edit: As mentioned bei @kclausen, "VMware Inventory" view is the way to go, wasn't aware of this.

4) Can you elaborate what is exactly your business case/process regarding XenServer?

5) VM-Host mapping is usually a question of data quality collected form the host or a managing instance. The guest OS does play little to none role. How do you collect inventory from these RedHat and CentOS hosts?

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Re: Queries

1) Yes.  This is not performed with an agent, FNMS connects to the VMware vCenter SDK

2) How were these users originally created within FNMS?  For example, if they were imported from Active Directory, then if you delete them from FNMS - they will be recreated the next time you import from Active Directory.

3) Assuming that you have FlexNet Manager for Data Centers, then this information is exposed on the "VMware Inventory" view.  There will be 1 row of data on this view for each ESX host that indicates what version/edition of vSphere is on that host, and which vCenter is managing this ESX Host.  The vSphere License Key is also shown listing the current capacity of the key and how many current processors are consuming against that key (showing if you are under or over consumed)

4) At the present time, FNMS does not support the Citrix XenServer hypervisor

5) Support for the KVM hypervisor was added to FNMS 2019 R2