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Publisher/SKU not found

We are attempting to create a purchase record for Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager within the FNMS tool.  Although the publisher can be found when searching under all applications (Screen shot #3), Flexera is unable to location the publisher or SKU number when trying to create a purchase (Screen shot #1). I have included a copy of the receipt (#2) with the publisher's SKU number listed.


My question is twofold:

#1 - Why does a listed publisher not show up when creating the purchase and

#2 - Can we get the SKU added for the program?


Thank you.

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Hi Coravix, 

From the screenshot that you provided Devolutions 1, it appears that you are looking for the both the vendor and publisher "Devolutions". Vendors are not pre-populated in FNMS, and each one needs to be created manually to suit the needs of your organization. The list of publisher's in the Purchase page also comes from your FNMS enviormet's Vendor list. Adding Devolutions to the list of vendors will solve both issues. 

Online help's details about the Create a Purchase page:

As for the SKU not being recognized, Can you please submit a support case with the SKU number and some details about the SKU, and our content team will work to add that SKU to the SKU Library. You can find more information about the SKU submission process in the knowledge base article below:

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Hi ! 

My name is Vanessa from the customer service team here at Devolutions. 

Please contact me back at so we can get Devolutions on the list on vendors and help you get our SKU. 

Best regards,

Vanessa @Devolutions ,

That's such an awesome offer! We'd love to take you up on that!

I'll reach out to you separately to schedule something so that we can walk you through our process to get you into our Trusted Supplier Program so that you can submit information on your products and SKU into our content libraries.