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Problems Discovering New Software

I have POs but no application to link it to. Not sure where I can find the source of how to discover our new software installs. Any insight? 

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@maryle , you would handle this like Unrecognized Software Evidence.  In this case there is an unrecognized SKU.  You can submit this to Support so that the SKU Recognition is added in a future update to the Flexera Content Libraries.


In the interim, you can create the license manually for this SKU.  Once you have done this, then going forward, FNMS will recognize that same SKU and recommend that you link it to the same license.



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If you are dealing with a business specific application or a new version, you may need to manually create the application from the unrecognized evidence. 


Thanks Jeff. I only see where we can assign applications to the evidence and I still do not see any evidence regarding the software I'm looking for?

What are you using to collect inventory from the devices that you know have the application on?

What is the application name?

What OS is the application running on?

How have you confirmed physically that the application is in fact present?

Additional questions:

Also add how long has the software been installed?

When was the last inventory run?

Has there been a full reconcile after the last inventory?

Software has probably been installed for a few months now.
Inventory runs every night.
Yes, reconciled every night as well.
SCCM collects inventory data.
The most current Tableau Desktop, Explorer..
Not sure what OS due to having several users.
I'm sure the application in present within our enterprise due to having the option to see the number of keys being registered and installed.
Check with your SCCM team if they find evidence of the application, otherwise it will not show up in FNMS.

Depending how it’s installed you might need to setup specific rules for inventory.
Have a look also directly at the source computer, what evidences are registered in registry, install location, msi/exe/jar,...

At our place we only use sccm as secondary source, fnms agents as primary. SCCM was not good with ex oracle products

How is this software access by the end users?  Is it a virtual streaming application using Citrix XenApp or Microsoft App-V?  If yes, then SCCM will not pick up the installation because it is virtual.  You would need to use the FlexNet Manager inventory connector for XenApp or App-V

It is not a virtual streaming app. It doesn't seem to link to the new POs that have been imported. ARL has been recently updated to current versions of Tableau as well.


What version of FNMS do you have?

What is the Tableau product in question?

Can you provide the Item Description of the purchase record?  Does it have a Tableau part number?

FNMS 2015 R2

I'm seeing tableau desktop but they are older versions. We've made numerous purchases for this year. Creator, Desktop Professional, Tableau Prep. Yes the part no. is provided.

If you do not see "newer" versions in your list of Installed Software, it is possible that the newest versions/patches are not reflected in the Application Recognition library.

If you go to the Unrecognized Evidence view and search on the publisher name of "tableau", what do you see?

I am seeing :
Tableau Reader 2019.1
Tableau Reader 2019.2
Tableau Reader 2019.3
Tableau Prep Reader 2019.2
Tableau Prep Reader 2019.3

They all are different versions though so not sure what I should be doing from there?

OK, let's just focus on Tableau Desktop.  It does not look like you have any unrecognized evidence for that application.  What version of Tableau Desktop are you looking for that you do not see in your Installed Applications view?  The latest version of Tableau Desktop is 2019.3


I'm looking for Tableau Creator not sure which version is running though. I'm assuming it's the latest version. We have various POs for tableau creator but it's not shown in our applications tab.

OK, that is a different story.  I did a quick Google lookup of "Tableau Creator".  It turns out that this is not an actual application.  It is a user-based subscription license for Tableau that is a product bundle that includes both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep.

You would need to create the software license as a Product Bundle that includes both of these products.

Since this product has it's own SKU how would flexera be linking the applications or would we have to do this manually?
We usually edit the evidences and link to applications for new applications. Later on we remove local defined applications when ARL / PURL gets updated with support for that application.
You need to have maintenance routines in place to always work with the data within Flexera. I have seen another good blog/article where I saw an excel spreadsheet with all kinds of maintenance tasks that was a good start to work from
@mag00_75 do you remember the blog/article?

Perhaps you are referring to the SLO RACI tasks.  Task 80 (line 80) refers to how to manage unrecognised evidence, task 89 refers to how to report evidence to the ARL team.