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Level 10 Champion

Privilege Error during PVU scans

We have IBM PVU scanning enabled for every 30 minutes and we are seeing the following error on the vCenters when it runs



Privilege check failed for user <service account> for missing permission System.View. Session user performing the check: <service account>




Has anyone encountered this and know what the resolution is? Our vCenter team is justifiably concerned that these error messages are occurring on every ESXI host every 30 minutes.




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Hi Dan,

Seems you are using the FNMS <service account> for scanning vSphere servers. Asking the obvious first:

Did you configure the service account with the password for this account in the "Password Manager" on the Beacon that actually performs the vCenter scanning?

Also, when enabling the frequent (30 minutes) scanning of vCenter servers for IBM PVU, you can either select

  • Known vCenter or OVM Manager Servers, OR
  • Select individual targets from your FNMS environment for scanning.


Make sure that the correct Beacon is assigned to each target containing vSphere servers, to prevent Beacons that do not have the vSphere account configured in "Password Manager" from attempting to scan the vSphere server.