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PowerBI to FlexNet Management Suite On Prem

Good Morning,

We are looking for a tool that can help us create dashboards/reporting for different elements in FNMS.  Specifically, we are looking for Agent Installed vs Uninstalled, Agents not communicating over a predetermined amount of time, and Devices with Inventory dates >= x amount of days.  We were pointed to Power BI as a possibility and would like to know if anyone is using it for these purposes or something similar.  Also, is anyone leveraging any other products to get this information easily like tableau or a similar product.



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We are using PowerBI to share with thirdparties KPI about agent, Coverage rate of agent installed (cmdb vs servers with agent). 

We connect directly to the FNMS database, using views and service account dedicated. It's easy with Power BI to refresh data when you want after. And you can customize which informations you want to share.  


can you expand on cmdb vs servers with agent?



If you use All asset view, you can compare All inventory with All asset to check the rate coverage of agent in your scope. 

In our case, we don't have data in All Asset view, so we make an extract of cmdb (list of servers) to compare with server with agent in order to have coverage rate. And the list of server where we don't have agents. 



was this relatively easy to accomplish?  or alot of trial and error



Yes it was easy. If you can find a common key between all your sources, Power Bi can do the job. (example of key : juste the name or combination of name and serial number, it depends of your data)